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Posted by Haley Salmon, Owner & Founder on Jan 16th 2022

Bamboo is a well-known sustainable material and has been taking over the eco-friendly product scene, especially in regards to sustainable fashion, but bamboo products that are entirely made in the U.S.A are still so hard to find. Why is that, and how does that impact the sustainability of bamboo? Bamboo is hailed for its ability to grow very quickly (up to 3 feet a day!) and the fact that it uses less than 30% of the water that some othe… Read more

Posted by Haley Salmon, Owner & Founder on Jan 14th 2022

With the rise in concern for the climate crisis and a rising popularity in eco-friendly products and support for green businesses, it can be hard to know when a company is truly obtaining and selling their products in a way that significantly reduces environmental harm rather than simply trying to trick you into believing their greenwashing marketing scheme. So what is greenwashing, and how do I stay away from it?         … Read more

Posted by Haley Salmon, Owner & Founder on Jan 14th 2022

Carbon offsets are a way that companies can make up for the environmental harm and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that their material sourcing, manufacturing, and processing systems have caused. But what does that really mean, and how does it benefit the environment?          CO2 emissions can be offset in a number of ways, including through personal environmental volunteer work, but it typically entails donating money to… Read more